San-Con is experienced in a variety of concrete repairs.  Our crews have experience with removing damaged concrete safety, even at heights common on silos.  We can perform a variety of concrete repair services.

Damaged or spalled concrete:  We can replace damaged or spalled concrete.  For a variety of reasons, concrete can become damaged.   In the case of silos, special issues arise, such as confined space entry, fall protection, and explosion hazards.  We can help you remediate these areas.

Epoxy injection is a process by which cracked concrete is glued back to together by the injection of a structural epoxy.  Typically the concrete will be drilled and ported and sealed.  Low viscosity epoxy will be applied through the ports at a low pressure.   The epoxy sets quickly, within minutes of being mixed.  Once the epoxy sets, the ports can be removed, although this isn’t necessary from a structural point of view.  We monitor epoxy flow through successive ports and cap the ports as epoxy starts to come out, ensuring that we are getting the epoxy in all areas of the crack.  If back pressure is encountered, the injection port is sealed and the machine relocated to another port.

Epoxy injection in silos requires some additional skills, as the installer may be dealing with scaffold, heights, and confined space entries.  The installer may also need to deal with possibly hazardous materials stored in the silo.  We have experience in dealing with these and other possible issues that are special to silo structures.