Post Tension

Concrete can be strengthened through the application of post tension strands.  The PT strands force the concrete into compression full time, enhancing the strength of the structure (concrete is stronger in compression than in tension).  Post tensioning a silo is a specialized skill, requiring knowledge of working at heights, handling the post tension strands, and installation of the strands.  The final tightening of the strands is accomplished by a hydraulic ram, typically run the bands up to about 48000 lbs of tension.  Post tensioning is a popular option when a silo wall is cracked by flow stresses associated with asymmetric flow of material.  Vertical cracks are often present in this scenario.  The post tension process will often cause the vertical cracks to tighten up or close.  Concrete structures useful lives can be extended with post tensioning.  Post tensioning is available at a fraction of the cost of a concrete jacket or silo replacement.  Post tension strands can often be installed without shutting your silo down, strengthening your silo without interrupting your production.